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We Wish You a Poopy Christmas

Fudgy the Poopman’s Collection of Christmas Classics Made Crappy

Bonnie Miller

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Belletristik / Humor, Satire, Kabarett


A hilariously sh*tty holiday gift for everyone who loves Christmas and anyone who poopsCurl up by the fire with some steaming hot chocolate and listen to Fudgy the Poopman offer his unique take on your favorite Christmas tales. You're probably familiar with Rudolph and his red-nose; but in this book, you hear how Christmas was saved by Rupert, whose case of IBS has left him with a shining red spot on the opposite end of his reindeer body. Like an overindulgent holiday feast, this is the gift that just keeps giving. Packaged as a high quality hardcover and fully illustrated in bright colors (as well as brown), the holiday reboots include Silent but Deadly Night, The Nutcracker’s Dilemma, and The Twelve Days of Poopmas.

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