The History and Archaeology of Fort Ouiatenon

300 Years in the Making

David M. Hovde (Hrsg.), H. Kory Cooper (Hrsg.), Misty M. Jackson (Hrsg.)

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Geisteswissenschaften, Kunst, Musik / Geschichte


The French fur trade post of Fort Ouiatenon was founded more than 300 years ago on the Wabash River in what is now Tippecanoe County, Indiana. The History and Archaeology of Fort Ouiatenon is a multidisciplinary exploration of the fort, from its founding in 1717, through its historical significance over the years, and up to its present-day use. Covering a variety of historical, archaeological, Indigenous, and living history perspectives on Fort Ouiatenon, as well as the fur trade and New France, this collection is the first volume dedicated to this important site. The volume is written with a wide audience in mind, ranging from academics to historical reenactors, Indigenous communities, and those interested in local history.

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West Lafayette, French colonial, public history, New France, Indiana, heritage, northwest Indiana, archaeology, Hoosier, Miami tribe, historical archaeology, history, fur trade, Tippecanoe county, collections management, living history, historical reenactment, historic preservation, Upper Great Lakes history, Midwest, Indigenous–French relations