Women, Nationalism, and Social Networks in the Habsburg Monarchy, 1848– 1918

Marta Verginella (Hrsg.)

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Geisteswissenschaften, Kunst, Musik / Geschichte


Women, Nationalism, and Social Networks in the Habsburg Monarchy, 1848–1918 focuses on the lives of women in Southeastern Europe during the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, exploring the intersection of gender and nationalism. By looking at a wide range of sources and employing rich historiography, this collection investigates the currents of women’s emancipatory efforts in a climate of conflicting assumptions relating to nationhood and nationalization. This book sheds light on a time when both women and nations were working to assert themselves, and how women promoted the national cause in an attempt to assume stronger roles in the public sphere. The volume studies areas that were nationally mixed and linguistically plural, thus pointing to the dynamic role of peripheries and pluralism affecting women’s approaches to and experience of nationalization. These essays speak to women’s agency as individuals and members of the social networks, and their roles in cultural, ethnic, and political movements in pluralistic societies of the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, thereby arguing that they “enacted” borders and were not simply acted on by them, while also elucidating the ways they transgress the borders.


— <b>Andrea Peto</b>, Professor, Central European University, Vienna, Austria
"The book offers a gendered perspective on the history of the Habsburg Monarchy and beyond, exploring the regions that were shared between the Russian and Ottoman empires specifically focusing on women's life stories. By examining the periphery and exploring transcultural experiences, the book contributes to the much-needed comprehensive and nuanced understanding of professional and private dilemmas women faced during the fin de siècle period, shedding light on often overlooked cultural activities of women, highlighting the cultural diversity and heterogeneity of the urban centers in Central and Southeastern Europe."
— <b>Birgitta Bader-Zaar</b>, Assistant Professor of History, University of Vienna
"A thoughtful and engaging book that brings new insights into the gendered fluidity of national identification in culturally pluralistic Southeastern Europe. Its focus on the ways especially intellectual women and artists moved in nationalist circles and at the same time could transcend social, cultural, and nationalist limits introduces us to the rich history of diversity as well as early feminism in the nationalist contexts of the region."
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feminism, political history, women activism, agency, modernism, nationalism studies, women associations, Habsburg Monarchy, female autonomy, border studies, women emancipation, transnationalism, modern Central and Eastern European history, gender history, New Woman, women’s history, peripheries