Anytime, Anywhere

Student-Centered Learning for Schools and Teachers

Nancy Hoffman (Hrsg.), Adria Steinberg (Hrsg.), Rebecca E. Wolfe (Hrsg.)

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Schule und Lernen / Unterrichtsvorbereitung


Anytime, Anywhere synthesizes existing research and practices in the emerging field of student-centered learning, and includes profiles of schools that have embraced this approach.

Educators have argued that students should be at the center of learning, constructing new knowledge based on what is interesting to them, and receiving guidance in classrooms—or anywhere they may happen to be— from adults with whom they have positive relationships. Now, with the advent of new technologies, researchers are confirming the value of this approach by showing how the human brain and memory work in response to different environments, and how digital tools give students powerful new ways to express what they’ve learned."

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teacher-student relationships, students with disabilities, Common Core State Standards, literacy instruction, assessment technologies, virtual classroom programs, achievement gap, active learning