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Laura Malfere

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ABOUT THE BOOKThe HCG diet is an very low calorie diet that is estimated to help dieters lose around one to two pounds per day. Through a combination of low calorie clean eating and a HCG dieting supplements, dieters lose weight fast. While it is a speedy way to lose weight, many find that the strict calorie limitations are hard to stick to, and they slip back into their old dieting habits. However, there are ways to follow the HCG diet and make sure you do not break it and put weight back on.As the diet is made of three phases, it is essential that you follow each phase to the most finite detail, just to ensure you reach your maximum weight loss potential. While following each phase, it is important that you take HCG supplements as directed.MEET THE AUTHORThe Hyperink Team works hard to bring you high-quality, engaging, fun content. If ever you have any questions about our products, or suggestions for how we can make them better, please don't hesitate to contact us!Happy reading!EXCERPT FROM THE BOOKBefore embarking on the HCG diet, sit and think about your weight loss goals. The diet has been well revered throughout the media and online for its weight loss capabilities, so many people make the mistake of diving straight in without defining what they want to gain from it and how they wish to gain it. First, you must decide how much weight you need to lose and decide why you want to lose it. By setting yourself a target goal you will know approximately how long the second phase of the HCG diet is going to last and you will be more likely to succeed.The success you will gain will come as a result of you being mentally prepared for the journey that is ahead. Thinking about exactly why you want to lose weight will contribute to your mental strength while on the HCG diet. Set a goal such as needing to slim down for a vacation, fitting into a special outfit or wanting to lower your BMI. By having something specific to aim for, you will feel as though you have purpose and every pound you lose will be taking you one step closer to your goal.Buy a copy to keep reading!

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