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Psychodynamic Approaches to Behavioral Change

Fredric N. Busch

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Geisteswissenschaften, Kunst, Musik / Angewandte Psychologie


Psychoanalytic psychotherapies have traditionally considered behavioral change as a secondary outcome, a beneficial byproduct of gaining insight and making the unconscious conscious.

Though clinical evidence suggests that an increasing number of psychoanalysts are targeting behavioral change, strategic frameworks remain scarce. Psychodynamic Approaches to Behavioral Change addresses this deficiency.

This guide demonstrates how, rather than being at odds with psychoanalytic treatments, targeting behavioral change can be part of the development and employment of psychodynamic therapy and can be used to enhance self-understanding. To that end, it offers readers a framework for behavioral change interventions, including: • Identifying problematic behaviors• Examining the context, affects, and meanings of problematic behaviors• Formulating contributing intrapsychic conflicts, defenses, and developmental factors• Identifying alternative behaviors• Elaborating feelings and fantasies about performing alternative behaviors• Addressing factors that interfere with alternative behaviors• Working with the impact of behavioral change• The use of homework

Clinicians will also find a frank discussion of potential pitfalls in efforts to change behaviors and a description of interventions for sustaining behavioral change, which will help them avoid some of the complex challenges that targeting behavioral change can present, as well as aid them as they work with their patients to maintain new behavior.

Throughout the book, vignettes illustrate how to apply these psychodynamic techniques in the clinical setting as clinician and patient collaborate to make practical changes in the patient's life. And because of its jargon-free tone, Psychodynamic Approaches to Behavioral Change will enable a broad range of mental health professionals -- whether psychiatrists, psychologists, social workers, psychiatric nurses, or others -- who use a variety of treatments to be more effective in their approach.

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