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Got A Man

Daaimah S. Poole

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The Essence® bestselling author delivers a wildly entertaining tale of colliding hearts, romantic adventures, and hard truths about the bumpy road to love.
Twenty-four-year-old single mom Shonda Robinson may not be the wisest woman around—and she’s definitely not the most discreet—but she knows a good thing when she’s got it. That good thing is her love for Malik Moore, and she intends to keep it—at all costs. But she’s not alone. In addition to having a good job, and knowing just how to show Shonda a good time, Malik also has a pregnant fiancée. He may be in love with his baby-on-the-way, but Shonda is sure he doesn’t feel the same about his bride-to-be. And with a wedding in the works, Shonda is seriously considering causing some trouble of her own.
Pregnant with her second child, Kimberly Vanessa Brown has got a career, a college degree—and enough common sense to know that her boyfriend of three years, Malik, isn’t ready for fatherhood. Until he surprises her with a marriage proposal—in a jewelry store, no less. Now it seems that Kim has got her man too. At least for the moment.
Despite his honorable intentions, Malik can’t seem to stay clear of Shonda, the shapely new receptionist at his office. Once his resolve finally crumbles, so does his heart—and maybe his future. What follows is an emotional roller coaster ride of changing plans, changing partners—and a surprising change of heart—as three people wrestle with what’s right, what’s wrong . . . and what’s real.
“Three very interesting characters whose fate ends with a twist.” —Booklist

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