Parent's Guide: How To Get Your Child Started In Music

Tony Margiotta

ca. 18,78
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Would you like your child to start learning a musical instrument but are not sure how to go about it?This parent's guide will show you step-by-step on how to go from getting your child interested in music, to choosing an instrument, and the right music teacher. You will also get detailed recommendations for instruments, specific instrument models, and where exactly to buy them. You'll also learn how to negotiate at a music store, and find out what the "e;fair"e; discounted prices are for musical instruments and accessories. It's been proven that children who learn a musical instrument, score HIGHER on their test scores in Reading, Math and Science, than their non-musical peers. Think about it. A $19.95 investment for your child that will put him/her on the road to prosperity in life. And, I guarantee that YOU will SAVE more money than the cost of this e-book, simply by following the instructions in this guide. The book will pay for itself over and over again!There is a full satisfaction guarantee for this product, and you will automatically be put on our email list for future FREE updates.

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