Transforming the Corporation

Running a Successful Business in the 21st Century

Andreas C. Kramvis

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This book breaks new ground on general management and how you systematically transform a business for high performance. By giving the reader specific ideas and methodologies, it details a path to change a business in a fundamental way, making it a more effective competitor that delivers consistently strong profit growth. This means that over time everything will improve from the effectiveness in the marketplace, to the efficiency of internal operations to the way management runs the business and the way the employees think about it. Based on a 30 year career in general management, the insights of the book have been born and proven successful in the field. Andreas Kramvis has led very successful transformations of multi-billion dollar enterprises in disparate industries. The core teachings have been tested methodically in tough industrial situations with real success. If you are embarking on a career, a mid-level manager or are already running a business, you will find plenty of ideas and suggestions to enhance what you are doing. You'll learn a tried and tested methodology of managing which has produced consistently great results and lasting business transformations.

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