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For Those Tears I Died

The Amazing Story About How One Song Brought Healing to Millions and Birthed Contemporary Christian Music

Marsha Stevens-Pino

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“The mother of contemporary Christian music" - Excerpt from "The Encyclopedia of Contemporary Christian Music", Sept. 2002 “She is Conservative Christianity’s worst nightmare: a Jesus-loving, Bible-believing, God-fearing lesbian Christian." - Christian Century MagazineAt just 16, Marsha Carter (now Stevens-Pino) shared her newly born-again Christianity with a song that went on to become one of the most widely recognized, and translated hymns in Christian circles: "For Those Tears I Died (Come to the Water)". Some historians have said it was the first song to be called “Contemporary Christian Music.”Since those modest beginnings, Marsha has continued her journey in the world of Christian Music. She shared her music first as a member of Children of the Day, who are considered the first music group in the Contemporary Christian Music (CCM) genre.When she came out as a lesbian she experienced severe animosity from those who were conservative Christians, including the Christian music industry. The hostility and behavior by Christians she had ministered to, and with whom she sometimes traveled, did not deter her Christian spirit. More than ever, Stevens-Pino passionately pursues her ministry, producing inspirational and edifying songs and performing widely as a solo artist around the United States to spread the positive Christian word of Love to all of God's creation, especially to the gay and lesbian communities.Marsha has written and recorded dozens of albums under the label of BALM Ministries. The label stood for her commitment of being a Born Again Lesbian Musician.Marsha is free to follow the path she has chosen and to share her uplifting testimony, without apology. Faithful to the spirit of her faith and with the full support of her spouse Cindy, Marsha lives openly, with the Jesus who invited her to Come to the Water, so many years ago.

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