Daddy Throws Me In The Air

Ayn Dillard

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It was time to heal. I had to stop creating a life that I could not live. It was time for the pain and suffering to stop. There was too much pain. I will die if the pain continues. Why does my life keep ending up in the same place? Abusive marriages, divorces, lawyers, legal suits - people in my life that had alcoholism, mental illness and abusive behavior, all telling me that I am the problem. Why did I keep creating and recreating everything I did not want and vowed not to have in my life?With an evenly-divided United States Senate, the stakes are high for the nation's political power brokers. The leader of oneparty decides to change the numbers by arranging the elimination of one of the other party's senators. As the death sends shock waves through the nation's capital, federal prosecutor Jeff Trask and a team of FBI agents and police officers must solve not only the senator's homicide, but the murder of one witness and the attempted murder of another. Further complicating their efforts is the fact that the trial of the killer must take place in the political swamp of Washington, D.C. As Trask and his team investigate the deaths and prepare for the trial of the century, the nation's political fate hangs in the balance. How'd It Go? addresses the importance of maintaining a perspective on life...while we are still a part of it. Framed by the colorful experiences of Paul Young, a 104-year-old physician recently diagnosed with a terminal illness, are snapshots of multiple other lives, recounted with actual New York Times obituaries. As Dr. Young's adventures unfold, so do the seminal events of our country, providing a backdrop to his memories; both joyful and tragic. The book starts at the time of his diagnosis and leads the reader through his last days of life, ending with the revelation of a closely guarded secret, one he has kept from everyone, including his twin daughters, for over sixty years. The closing chapter is his own obituary.Friends and family expected Ken Cruickshank to continue playing sports, traveling, engaging in mischief, and raising an active brood after he married his soulmate, Karen. Indeed, all was proceeding to plan until an invisible enemy strengthened its grip on his body and mind. Goals, abilities, and many dreams grew forever affected by progressive disease. After an accident crumpled his weakened body, he dug deep to rediscover the optimism and hope he'd once considered his essence. He realized that the illness he blamed for stealing his identity was also the path to wisdom and a life of fulfillment."e;Know thyself."e; What does it mean to know thyself? Gaining insight into who you really are and what you stand for has become simpler with the introduction of this first-of-its-kind guide to absorbing the everyday wisdom that surrounds us all. By reading and engaging with Practical Wisdom, you can move from feeling inspired by the words of wise thinkers throughout history to learning more about and understanding your true self.

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