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Sexuality and Fertility After Cancer

Leslie R. Schover

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“Such a comprehensive resource for survivors has been long overdue.”
--Michelle Melin, M.P.P., Director of Patient Services Y-ME National Breast Cancer Organization

"An excellent, well-researched book that responds to the needs of survivors."
--Anna Meadows, M.D. Director, Division of Oncology and Children's Cancer Research Center, Children's Hospital of Philadelphia

Now as never before cancer survivors are discovering their potential for renewed sexuality, which many may never have thought possible. In this comprehensive new book, the leading authority in the field carefully and reassuringly explains your options and gives you the accurate, up-to-date information you need to take advantage of them. Now you can make the decisions that are best for you based on recent medical advances and the newest perspectives. This unique guide covers:
* The kinds of sexual problems both men and women are likely to face after treatment--and state-of-the-art solutions
* The most effective infertility treatments
* How to assess the risks of pregnancy
* The latest information on body image, low sex drive, performance anxieties, medications, sex aids, and reconstructive surgery
* Special topics such as sex after breast or prostate cancer, and the specific problems facing gays, singles, and survivors of childhood cancers

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