Hot Pants

Do It Yourself Gynecology and Herbal Remedies

Isabelle Gauthier, Lisa Vinebaum

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Hot Pants, long an underground classic, offers great basic sexual health information along with tried and true herbal treatments for common gynecological problems. "e;Patriarchy sucks,"e; the authors begin. "e;It's robbed us of our autonomy and much of our history. We believe it's integral for women to be aware and in control of our own bodies."e; In that spirit, diagrams and herbal remedies teach you how to diagnose and heal many basic problems, including bladder infections, inducing your period, easing cramps and PMS, aphrodisiacs, and dealing with pregnancy. You'll learn herbal remedies to ease every stage of your menstrual cycle. This book deserves a place next to your copy of Our Bodies, Ourselves.

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