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A Pen Named Man: Our Essence

John W. Newton

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A person cannot create a butterfly out of non-living components and breathe life into it. Neither can he construct a star like our sun nor a magnificent celestial body like planet Earth. God, however, can do these things and more! Although a human being cannot create a butterfly, he can live a good and decent life and serve as God's representative on Earth by becoming the gardener and governor of Nature. The one thing we know of our spiritual element, or soul, is that it's derived from God and sustains our biological and non-biological realms. In A Pen Named Man: Our Essence we focus on the worldly components of man, that is, those components we can sense, touch, and feel. Hence, we identify and discuss the physical side of man with its several body systems as well as the mental side with its rational and emotive elements. A central theme involves the need to synthesize the physiological and psychological components into a compatible and workable union, such that the drives and needs of neither realm dominate one's behavior in an unrealistic, unattainable manner. Human values are debated relative to being permanent and good for all time vs. temporary and adjusted with time and circumstance. Two significant values under review deal with the justification for taking another person's life and the morality of sexual involvement inside and outside of marriage. The emotion of love is discussed in detail.

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Philosophy, Philosophy of religion, A Pen Named Man: Our Essence, Ethics and Moral Philosophy, John W. Newton, Religious