North American Rails

Volume 1: The BNSF Seligman Subdivision Across Arizona

Ralph Murphy

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North American Rails is a guide to show other railroad photographers where to go to get fantastic railroad photos at a specific railroad location. Through text and diagrams North American Rails demonstrates photographic locations for a great photo. North American Rails further describes what time of day would yield the best sun angle as well as the best season to be at a particular railroad location. My book then includes a photo that I took to demonstrate what to expect ounce the reader has arrived at that location and prove that I really was at that location. (I will not describe an area that I personally haven't been to. I will not take anyone else's word for information.) North American Rails also describes nearby cities and towns and what amenities are in each. Other information includes a brief history of the area, weather to expect, railroad schedule's, elevation drawings and safety precautions that might be needed to be taken by the photographer while in that particular location. Above all, North American Rails promotes safe and responsible railroad photography while the photographer is near railroad property or uses railroad property to get to some of the specific railroad photograph locations.

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