Family Embolism

Mendelson Joe

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Belletristik/Erzählende Literatur


What's the story?? © Mendelson Joe, 2012

Penned by senior dyslexic, eccentric painter-musician Mendelson Joe, Family Embolism is a big short story (fiction) illustrated with over a dozen of Joe's paintings. The story traces the flight and lives of fraternal twins who become orphaned at age six in Montréal, Canada after fleeing Czechoslovakia in 1948. Survival.

Felix, the boy is by nature an observer. He's a chronic note-taker who evolves into a self-taught social scientist who pens a treatise that rocks the literary world. Felix is an idealist and, by default, newfound fame shapes his path as enfant terrible in the world of philosophy. Wealth.

Felix's sister Ruth, a fetching pragmatist utilizes her countenance and savvy to become sole proprietor of Montréal's most exclusive brothel to corporate kings, clergy, and common millionaires. Ruth ruled Montréal until she tired of paddling bottoms. Wealth.

Family Embolism is also a telling testament to the power of mummyhood, the power of fraternal bond and the triumph of idealism despite all impediments. This ziggy-zaggy tale has erotic content.

Mendelson Joe

September 2, 2012

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