I Crow River

Jaman Tree

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Belletristik/Erzählende Literatur


Into the night flies an elder crow, his heart fired up with a plea, a message and a warning. What takes place next is an epic journey of the soul as humanity and nature face one another in the form of man and crow.

Set against the backdrop of a bursting dam and a calamity that is about to sweep a large number of homo-sapiens off the face of the earth, the clock is ticking as the river is about to wash all that stands in her way.

While Nobi the crow engages the man in a compelling dialogue another songline unfolds - a tale of two desperate voyageurs in search for meaning.

The man narrating the story and his eternal love Nulla set on a journey that sees them peeling layer upon layer off the illusion of separation to awaken to a reality where all is one.

Their journey takes them through different lands to encounter ways of being where people still live in tune with the natural cycles of nature rather then the hurry so ever present in the world of 'capital'.

Page by page we witness the unfolding of an extraordinary saga - from fear to love, from me to we, from a self-centred world to a universe, which includes all living beings.

What's a book? Is it a narrative, a story? A tale? Possibly it's just an excuse to share a dream, a vision and a tool to fire up a revolution in the hidden passages of our mind. Perhaps this one is a prayer that we do evolve into a species that actually cares about each other more then we desire to accumulate 'things'.

In truth this is not a story I dreamt up. It's a tale that came from a river and a bird and I was just used as the hand that writes the story.

This book is about universal connectivity, which is the spirit that sustains life and the human imbalance, which is presently destroying it.

On the personal level it explores our birth into innocence, our death into the ways of the world and our rebirth into the world of magic and awe.

Prepare for a spark of change to be ignited in your heart.

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