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Monetizing IP in China

Jili Chung, 鐘基立

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This book consists of three parts. 
Part I covers facts. It provides straight forward state-ments of various stories or incidents relating to IP monetization in China.
A reader may feel the observations, though fascinating, are somewhat disorganized. That is exactly the case in China. So, we need Part II.
Part II organizes and analyzes these facts with “three axes” that dominate any IP monetization deal. The three axes are IP’s creation, IP pledge (IP as collateral to a loan), and risk mitigation.
In this part, we conduct the analysis against the developing regulatory regime. This provides additional infor¬mation to a more serious planner for IP monetization in China. 
Part III is a concise endnote highlighting certain strategic guidelines for IP monetization in China.
We assume the readers to be foreign investors in China or foreign entities in other countries hoping to benefit from enhancing their IP utilization in China. Such readers may have a grasp of the basics when it comes to the Chinese IP environment, but are seek-ing a better understanding of the most recent phenomena, or hope to improve their approach in seizing the opportunities of IP monetization in China.
Readers who will most benefit from this book are: (1) promoters wishing to monetize their IP in China, (2) foreign investors in China, especially those in cul-tural and creative industries or high-tech industries, (3) legal, accounting or consulting professionals ad-vising on doing business in China, and (4) observers or commentators following China’s development in the IP regime.
Special thanks to Huan-Yi Lin, who comments on the substance of the content, to Paul Bendemire, who contributes his views from a perspective of global IP professional, and to T-Bone (Eric Shih) and Amber Yu for their art and design.

This book includes the following features about IP monetization in China 

First-time disclosed real life cases and market intelligence
 up-to-date statistics
 Effective analytical tools to decipher the contemporary phenomena
 Insights and observations on the trends
 A concise strategy summary for seizing business opportunities

Readers who will most benefit from this book are:
 Promoters wishing to monetize their IP into China
 Foreign investors in China, especially those in cultural and creative industries or high-tech industries
 Legal, accounting or consulting professionals advising clients on doing business in China
 Observers or commentators following China’s development in IP regime

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