Lost Child

Sarah Ash

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Belletristik / Fantasy


A brutal murder stirs up suspicion and sorcery in a provocative novel by the author of the Tears of Artamon Trilogy,"e;an innovative fantasist"e; (Asimov's).The shocking discovery of a child's corpse in the Tsiyonim ghetto of Arcassanne stirs up old fears and enmities in the city. Suspicion falls on Rahab ben Chazhael, a tailor still haunted by the day when he lost hold of his little brother's hand as his family fled a brutal pogrom.Rahab must escape the city guard and search for help-and the truth-in Tifereth, a scholarly Tsiyonim community hidden deep in the mountains. He'll bring with him an unexpected companion: wealthy Lia, once a customer of Rahab's, who has made some shocking discoveries about her own past.But time is running out. As the citizens of Arcassanne surround the ghetto, can Rahab find the murderer and save his community from suffering the same fate as his family?Praise for the Tears of Artamon Trilogy"e;Unusual . . . Exotic . . . Well worth the read!"e; -Katherine Kurtz, New York Times-bestselling author "e;A splendid tale . . . Sarah Ash is destined to be one of the bright luminaries of fantasy."e; -Dennis L. McKiernan, national bestselling author"e;Rousing. . . . with its vivid 18th-century European flavor and fallen angels who evoke Paradise Lost. Lovers of big, complex fantasy sagas (think Robert Jordan or George R.R. Martin) will be well pleased."e;-Publishers Weekly (starred review)

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