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Energy Science And Technology (Hydrogen And Other Technologies)

Sri Sivakumar, Umesh Chandra Sharma

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The global energy supply is principally based on the combustion of fossil fuels namely coal, oil and natural gas. These combustion processes caused annual carbon dioxide (CO2) emission of 36.3 billion metric tonnes in 2013. Before the industrial revolution of 19th century, global average CO2 concentration was about 280 ppm, which has increased to a level of 395.28 ppm in September 2014. The upper safety limit for atmospheric CO2 is 350 ppm. The 1987 was the last year when the annual CO2 concentration was less than 350 ppm (349.16 ppm). The hydrogen as a fuel attracts attention of scientific community due to absence of these CO2 emissions and is considered as a renewable and sustainable solution for reducing global fossil fuel consumption and combating global warming. The main focus of this volume is on hydrogen energy, but some articles on bioenergy, cogeneration, small hydropower and other technologies have also succeeded in getting a place in the content list of this volume. The topics covered in this volume include: o Hydrogen energy o Hydrogen production from water via thermochemical cycles o Hydrogen production from waste o Production of biological hydrogen from agriculture waste o Hydrogen generation into a low-carbon energy system o Nanostructured metal oxides and chalcogenides for hydrogen production o Impedance investigations of hydrogen evolution reaction on Ni and NiMn alloy o Recent advances in hydrogen production by dark fermentation technology o Simulation and optimization of various hydrogen and synthesis gas producing methods o Techniques to shape porous materials for hydrogen storage o Waste-to-energy systems o Bioenergy production from complex waste waters o Biogas: sources, purification and uses o Biogas production, power generation, upgradation and bottling for vehicular application o Cogeneration o Gas turbines and combined cycle gas turbines o Exhaust heat recovery techniques of IC engines by organic rankine cycle o Performance characteristics and preliminary design criteria of Stirling engines o Pressurized circulating fluidized bed technology o Carbon nanomaterials as electrocatalysts for energy conversion o Decarburization and energy consumption minimization for road transport sector o Small hydropower as a promising source for electricity generation o Polyaromatic membranes for SO2 electrolysis The volume 11 contains 23 chapters from 70 researchers, academicians and professionals representing 14 nations, namely Brazil, China, Finland, Germany, India, Iran, Italy, Portugal, Romania, Singapore, South Africa, Spain, Taiwan and United Arab Emirates giving an overview of the various research activities being carried out in different parts of the world on Hydrogen and Other Technologies.

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