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Destiny's Daughter

Highlighting the life of Mary Edwards Walker, Maverick Suffragist, Doctor, and Medal of Honor Recipient: An Advocate for Women from Then to Now

Frances Altman

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Destiny's Daughter by Frances Altman highlights events in the life of Mary Edwards Walker, maverick suffragist, Civil War doctor and only woman Medal of Honor recipient. Follow in her steps, as Walker pursues a dream to become one of America's first female physicians in a society of opposition. She was swept up in unfolding events that never could have been predicted, serving under fire in the Civil War, imprisoned at Castle Thunder; championing women's dress reform and lecturing on temperance, smoking and women's abuse. She found camaraderie among soldiers on the battlefield, in Congressional hallways, and patrons of colorful Dime Museums. She charmed generals, presidents, a Queen, and newsmen. She persevered as a strong, opinioned woman who rebutted suffragist leaders but influenced the Postal Service to make changes. Walker urged women to become independent and to support themselves in a chosen occupation. She recognized her value, turning protesting into a marketing tool for women's rights. Destiny's Daughter is a creative chronology emphasizing a woman's personality resilience and achievements. Her philosophy and actions parallel the goals of many women today. She still makes a notable model to admire and follow.