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50 Ways to Boost Your Metabolism

How Mustard, Red Wine, and Days at the Beach Can Help You Lose Weight & Stay Healthy

Fredrik Paulún

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Everyone knows that in order to lose weight, a healthy diet and daily exercise are good places to start. But to achieve and maintain that perfect body, understanding your metabolism is key. Now, from Sweden’s number one nutrition guru, Fredrik Paulún, 50 Ways to Boost Your Metabolism is the perfect guide for everyone looking to live his or her healthiest.Boost the effect of your diet plan and shed pounds—without any calorie-counting or hours at the gym. And enhancing your metabolism isn’t just beneficial to weight loss; with these easy-to-follow tips, you can increase your physical endurance and lower your risk for cardiovascular disease. Whether you follow one metabolism-boosting strategy or fifty, better-health results are guaranteed.Paulún’s scientifically-proven know-how includes:Carbs that increase your metabolismThe fat that burns fatLosing weight with a glass of wineThe spices that make you thinAnd more!If you’ve been struggling with the unsatisfactory results of diet and exercise, take your health into your own hands. With 50 Ways to Boost Your Metabolism as your new trainer, discover the fat-burning, energy-enhancing techniques that are perfect for both your body and your lifestyle!

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