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Frommer's EasyGuide to San Francisco

Erika Lenkert

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Compact enough to carry and completely up-to-date, Frommer’s EasyGuide to San Francisco takes you from world-famous bridges to hopping restaurants to evocative historic sights and everywhere in between. Frommer’s local author Erika Lenkert knows every inch of the city and she’s not afraid to tell the truth.

Frommer’s EasyGuide to San Francisco contains:

Maps and photos, including a handy pullout map

Detailed itineraries for planning a trip to suit your interests and make the most of your time

Authentic experiences honoring San Francisco’s diverse population, food, and traditions

Opinionated reviews of the best restaurants, shops, attractions and hotels—and the ones to avoid

Accurate, up-to-date info on transportation, useful websites, telephone numbers, and other resources you’ll need

Money-saving tips and exact pricing for travelers on any budget—from backpacker to luxury.

About Frommer’s: There’s a reason that Frommer’s has been the most trusted name in travel for more than sixty years. Arthur Frommer created the best-selling guide series in 1957 to help American servicemen fulfill their dreams of travel in Europe, and since then, we have published thousands of titles became a household name helping millions upon millions of people realize their own dreams of seeing our planet. Travel is easy with Frommer’s.

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