Du LiangYe's Mood for Love

CangMei Shen

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Belletristik / Gegenwartsliteratur (ab 1945)


The fall of the Luoyang City is no longer calm because of the return of Du Liangye and Murongqiushui. They are the pair that knew each other when they were young. They veiled their feelings to the other, even deeper they veiled were their true identities.-- Du Liangye was more than a prefect of Luoyang's daughter, she was the spy Summit; Mu Rongqiushui was more than a landlord that no such under heaven in Geli, he was the young lord against the Qing Court. Each of them took the team gathered in Luoyang, because the Qing court would destroy all forces, and also because of the anti Qing power of Qing government officials...... A sumptuous banquet in ZhiFu mansion eventually became a disaster. Wen Liangchen managed the assassinate had been forced to flee together with Mu Rongqiushui. Amoung the refugees, there was Du Liangye, it is because of her last-minute defection, just rescued these people. And then Mu Rongqiushui found that on Du Liangye's betrayal of the Qing court that hid deeper for his betrayal, a huge conspiracy as net opened. However, the lord insight into all the matchless, the best friend of Murongqiushui and Du Liangye remained silent. Waiting for them would be a cannon exploded fall......

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