35 Shades of Sinfully Healthy Recipes

Clean Eating Using Once Forbidden Ingredients

Sandy Considine

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Healthy eating gets sexy in 35 Shades of Sinfully Healthy Recipes, by C.H.H.C. Sandy Considine, with 35 healthy recipes that break the rules of health food and actually taste delicious. Take the once forbidden ingredients like real butter, eggs, and whole cheese out of the brown paper bags and learn the truth about using these ingredients, combined properly with healthy whole foods to satisfy both your taste buds and your waste line. Find out why healthy eating has little to do with counting calories, carbs, fats, points or any of that nonsense and why the commercial weight loss industry's promotion of low fat, sugar free products is totally wrong. Learn how that by changing one simple thing about where and how you purchase the ingredients used in your recipes, you will put yourself on the fast track for a total full body healthy makeover. All without going on any kind of a commercial diet plan. These sexy 35 Shades of Sinfully Healthy Recipes are not only some of the recipes Sandy includes in her Health Coaching Programs for her clients, but they are found regularly on her dining room table. Most of the included pictures were taken just moments before the family enjoyed the meal. So come out from behind that calculator and free yourself from the pain of continuous counting. Indulge in some of the forbidden fruit of ingredients shunned by the misinformed and cast away the poisons of low fat and sugar free ingredients with Sandy's 35 Shades of Sinfully Healthy Recipes.

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