Audelia's Adventures: Book 1

Going to Texas

Rosemary Janney

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Belletristik / Gegenwartsliteratur (ab 1945)


Audelia Yates desperately wants to find her father. Hes somewhere down in Texas fighting a war, while Audelia is stuck in Missouri. Worst of all a new man shows up to marry her mother and moves Audelia and her sister and brother up to the Wisconsin wilderness where the winters are brutal, the summers are infested with rattlesnakes, and Audelia couldnt be farther away from her real father. How will she ever reach Texas now? Book 1 of the Audelias Adventures Series is a story about a strong-willed girl who goes from one wild adventure to the next. As Audelia struggles to find her place in a large new family, she befriends a horse named Blue Eyes, a wise Indian named Vincent, and falls in love with a handsome boy who steals her heart. Journey with Audelia as she travels along the treacherous Mississippi River from Wisconsin to the savage territory of Texas, where she hopes to one day meet her father.

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