Story of You

A Guide for Writing Your Personal Stories and Family History

null John Bond (Hrsg.)

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The Story of You: A Guide for Writing Your Personal Stories and Family History is a practical guide for the novice writer about how to chronicle the stories of his or her life. The book encourages the reader to write the classic stories that everyone has, whether just for themselves, for their family and friends, or for the future. Chapters include: "e;What Is a Family Story?"e; "e;Finding the Right Format,"e; "e;Conducting an Interview,"e; "e;Revising and Editing Your Family Stories,"e; and "e;How to Present or Publish Your Stories."e; As a bonus, the book includes "e;219 Questions to Prime the Pump,"e; "e;21 Ways to Stir up Memories,"e; and a list of Resources that includes more than 100 books and websites to help the reader get started. The Story of You is written in a conversational tone that shows readers the value and importance in writing the stories of their life, whether funny or heartwarming and everything in between. The book is a quick way to get started on turning memories into written stories that will last a lifetime.

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