The Inner Game of Ophthalmic Practice Success, Second Edition

John B. Pinto

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Now in its Second Edition, Simple: The Inner Game of Ophthalmic Practice Success makes even the most complex issues in ophthalmic practice management just that - simple. This handy guide covers everything from the basics of business planning to esoteric and complex topics unique to ophthalmology. Author John B. Pinto, a world-renowned expert on the business of ophthalmic practice, has brought his decades of expertise to bear in this high-yield handbook. Throughout his career he has seen that the most successful practices large or small have learned to see the big picture and keep things simple. This book helps practice owners, managers, and administrators achieve that goal. Simple cuts through the details and the minutiae of running a practice to refocus on the big picture and the key, high-impact factors influencing ophthalmic practice success. Each chapter addresses a new topic, pointing out stumbling blocks and key areas to focus on so practice owners and managers can stick to their strategic goals. With a foreword by Dr. Richard Lindstrom and hundreds of management pearls throughout, Simple: The Inner Game of Ophthalmic Practice Success, Second Edition takes the guesswork out of running an ophthalmic practice. From data analytics to the ins and outs of administration, John B. Pinto makes practice management simple.

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