Contemporary Wisdom

Kundisai Mudita

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Contemporary Wisdom: Inspiring Poems is an anthology of poetry about contemporary and real-life issues that influence the welfare of people in developing communities. It provides practical implications, sensitization, and strategies for overcoming life challenges. The poems bring an awareness of the social issues and challenges facing developing nations. How social issues affect human welfare and the ways to overcome challenges are major concerns. Contemporary Wisdom is written for people of all ages, but especially resonates with youth and adults. The poems are grouped into five themes. YOUTHFUL CONCERNS deal with young people making choices and their realistic use of talent in real-life situations. The poems under the theme GENDER ISSUES reveal what is important to women, their natural capabilities, and their contributions in society. These poems consider how patriarchy, marriage, divorce, polygamy, and unfaithfulness especially affect women and children. HEALTH ISSUES describe unhealthy lifestyles and eating habits, and delves into problems such as stressful situations, housing, budgeting, disease, and environmental management. SOCIAL ISSUES address the social challenges of inflation, slavery, corruption, political instability, unstable environments, and family dynamics that influence social welfare. DEVELOPMENTAL ISSUES analyze farming, mining, business ventures, employment, empowerment, leadership, and education. How people in communities make use of available resources contribute toward their overall development.

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