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Living a Spiritual Life in a Material World

4 Keys to Fulfillment and Balance

Anna Gatmon

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Living a Spiritual Life in a Material World shows us how spiritual fulfillment and material gratification can enhance each other, and offers tools to integrating them and experiencing the peace, purpose, and prosperity we all seek. Based on her doctoral research, Anna Gatmon developed the Four Keys to Spiritual-Material balance, a unique approach to manifesting a life in which the sacred and the mundane are creatively balanced. Gatmon's message is universal and as relevant to the materially minded as it is to the spiritually oriented, regardless of faith and denomination. It's a practical formula which reveal how to live a spiritually fulfilling life without having to give up material needs and pleasures.

THE FOUR KEYS TO SPIRITUAL-MATERIAL BALANCE Key #1: Expansive Presence - Connect with a more enlightened you Key #2: Attentive Listening - Access your inner wisdom Key #3: Inspired Action - Manifest your dreams, goals, and purpose Key #4: Faith-Filled Knowing - Embrace daily miracles BENEFITS OF PRACTICING THE FOUR KEYS • Change your outlook and mood within minutes • Shift from feeling alone to feeling connected • Make intuitive decisions with clarity and confidence • Have a greater impact on daily situations • Experience the excitement of realizing your unique calling • Create ongoing spiritual-material abundance • Lead a balanced and gratifying physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual life.

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spiritual materialism, intuition, everyday spirituality, spiritual guidance, New Age, non-religious spirituality, four keys