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Just Be

A Search for Self-Love in India

Meredith Rom

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Have you ever felt a call from somewhere deep within telling you there must be more to life? For Meredith Rom, this call came at age twenty-two while she was lying in savasana on the floor of a packed New York City yoga studio. It came on the heels of an unpleasant breakup and an unforeseen turn in the economic market―so, with no job offers in sight, she chose to listen. Rom followed her intuition across the country to San Francisco, and soon after, halfway around the world to India. This coming-of-age memoir takes you inside the ashrams of gurus and sages of the far East, where one woman learns to heal her heart, believe in the magical happenstance of the universe, and find an unshakable love and trust within herself.

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miracles, pilgramage, yoga, spirituality, travel, adventure, women