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A Veil Removed

Michelle Cox

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Belletristik / Hauptwerk vor 1945


Murder is never far from this sexy couple . . . even during the holidays! Their honeymoon abruptly ended by the untimely death of Alcott Howard, Clive and Henrietta return to Highbury, where Clive discovers all is not as it should be. Increasingly convinced that his father’s death was not an accident, Clive launches his own investigation, despite his mother’s belief that he has become “mentally disturbed” with grief. Henrietta eventually joins forces with Clive on their first real case, which becomes darker—and deadlier—than they imagined as they get closer to the truth behind Alcott’s troubled affairs. Meanwhile, Henrietta’s sister, Elsie, begins, at Henrietta’s orchestration, to take classes at a women’s college—an attempt to evade her troubles and prevent any further romantic temptations. When she meets a bookish German custodian at the school, however, he challenges her to think for herself . . . even as she discovers some shocking secrets about his past life.


<b>2019 Next Generation Indie Book Awards: Finalist in Romance</b> <b>2019 Next Generation Indie Book Awards: Finalist in Series</b><br><br>
—<i>Publishers Weekly</i>
“Entertaining . . . composed of large dollops of romance and a soupçon of mystery, this confection will appeal!"

<b>Praise for <i>A Girl Like You:</i></b>

“Michelle Cox masterfully recreates 1930s Chicago, bringing to life its diverse neighborhoods and eclectic residents, as well as its seedy side. Henrietta and Inspector Howard are the best pair of sleuths I’ve come across in ages—Cox makes us care not just about the case, but about her characters. A fantastic start to what is sure to be a long-running series.” —Tasha Alexander, <em>New York Times</em> best-selling author of <em>The Adventuress</em><br>

“Fans of spunky, historical heroines will love Henrietta Von Harmon.” —<em>Booklist</em> starred review<br>

“Flavored with 1930s slang and fashion, this first volume in what one hopes will be a long series is absorbing. Henrietta and Clive are a sexy, endearing, and downright fun pair of sleuths. Readers will not see the final twist coming.” —<i>Library Journal</i> starred review<br>

<b>Praise for <i>A Ring of Truth:</i></b>

“An engaging and effective romp rich with historical details.” —<em>Kirkus</em><br>

“There’s a lot to love about the bloodhound couple at the center of this cozy mystery.” —<i>Foreword Reviews</i><br>

“Set in the 1930s, this romantic mystery combines the teetering elegance of <em>Downton Abbey</em> and the staid traditions of <em>Pride and Prejudice</em> with a bit of spunk and determination that suggest Jacqueline Winspear’s Maisie Dobbs.” —<em>Booklist</em><br>

“The second book of this mystery series is laced with fiery romance so delicious every reader will struggle to put it down. If you devoured Pride and Prejudice, this love story will get your heart beating just as fast.” —<i>Redbook</i>, “20 Books By Women You Must Read This Spring”<br>

“Henrietta and Inspector Howard make a charming odd couple in A Ring of Truth, mixing mystery and romance in a fizzy 1930s cocktail.” —Hallie Ephron, <i>New York Times</i> bestselling author of <i>Night Night, Sleep Tight</i><br>

<b>Praise for <i>A Promise Given:</i></b>

“Cox’s eye for historical detail remains sharp. . . . A pleasant, escapist diversion.” —<em>Kirkus</em><br>

“Series fans will cheer the beginning of Clive and Henrietta’s private investigation business in an entry with welcome echoes of <em>Pride and Prejudice</em>.” —<em>Publishers Weekly</em><br>

“Enjoyable, escapist read with some truths to savor.” —Historical Novel Society<br>

“Fans of Henrietta and Inspector Howard will delight in Michelle Cox’s latest novel. Romantic and atmospheric, <i>A Promise Given</i> offers an intriguing glimpse in 1930’s Chicago, by weaving in authentic period details and exploring the social tensions of the day. The unlikely pairing of the Howards—two characters from very different worlds—provides a tender love story.” —Susanna Calkins, award-winning author of the Lucy Campion Historical Mysteries<br>
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