Father Loss

Daughters Discuss Life, Love, and Why Losing a Dad Means So Much

Elyce Wakerman

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As Elyce Wakerman found in the scores of interviews she conducted, the loss of a father through death, divorce, or abandonmentis the event that shapes a girls life and all her future relationships. In my fantasy, one woman commented, he remains the perfect, all-giving mana difficult role for any other man to fill. Based partly on the authors experience, partly on her in-depth interviews, and partly on a questionnaire she developed with psychologist Holly Barrett to which almost six hundred women responded, Father Loss provides the clearest portrait yet of a very special group of women.As a group, they express their insecurities (Sometimes I wonder if Ill ever be able to love a man totally . . . because that would mean I didnt love my father anymore. Leslie). Yet individually, many have become outstanding achievers, including Eleanor Roosevelt (He dominated my life as long as he lived and was the love of my life for years after he died.), Helen Gurney Brown (People in business, my bosses, I look to them all as fathers.), Barbara Streisand, Gloria Steinem, Geraldine Ferraro and many others.A bestseller when it was first published twenty-five years ago and now updated and revised, Father Loss gives information and insight to fatherless daughters, to widows and divorcees with daughters, and to every father who needs to understand the vital role he plays in his daughters lifeas the first man she ever loves.

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