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The Top 1% Life

Shift from Chaos to Calm in Your Business & Life

Kathleen Black

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The Top 1% Life helps real estate agents leave their “overworked underachiever” concept behind.

Kathleen Black, one of North America’s leading real estate coaches, has worked with thousands of agents and hundreds of teams to solve this problem. After transforming 80% of her clients into top 1% producers, her tried, tested, and true KBCC Ultimate Expansion Strategy shown within The Top 1% Life helps real estate agents:

  • Make it home in time for dinner
  • Spend their nights and weekends with their children, spouse, and loved ones
  • Find some help that actually makes a difference
  • Get their business organized and self-sufficient so everything doesn't depend on them
  • Quit being on call 24/7
  • Take an actual vacation – without their phone
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