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Fundraising Is

Everything Done Before Asking for Money

Patrick Belcher

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Fundraising Is helps fundraisers build a sustainable plan for their individual and their organization’s success.
Fundraising is a profession. In any profession there is a need for training and development along with exceptional communication skills and strategy. Fundraisers are often left to their own initiative to learn about an organization and its mission and figure out how to tell the story to supporters and raise significant amounts of money. In contrast, the average sales organization invests nine days of product information and training before they release their team members to generate revenue.

For those considering a development position or already working in nonprofits, this book can help you create a successful plan for fundraising to guide you and help your charity. A plan focused on relationships and storytelling more than galas and silent auctions.

Whether new to the profession or non-profit organization, Fundraising Is provides insight that sets fundraisers up for success. From creating a plan for the first three months at an organization, to prioritizing the best way to apply their efforts, these tactics can be applied whether working at a small local non-profit or the chapter of an international charity.

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