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Guerrilla Marketing Volume 3

Advertising and Marketing Definitions, Ideas, Tactics, Examples, and Campaigns to Inspire Your Business Success

Jason Myers, Jay Conrad Levinson, Merrilee Kimble, et al.

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What makes the Guerrilla Marketing book series unique?

Within Guerrilla Marketing Volume One, Jason Myers and Merrilee Kimble reviewed the strong foundational elements of Guerrilla Marketing. Guerrilla Marketing Volume Two included many new Guerrilla Marketing tools, tactics, and tips—giving readers even more options to choose from. But Guerrilla Marketing Volume Three, the newest edition in this series, provides a great refresher of the strong foundation elements of Guerrilla Marketing while diving into the Guerrilla Marketing toolbox packed full of successful tools, tactics, and tips to try.

For those who are new to Guerrilla Marketing (or those who want to learn more), Jason and Merrilee offer a FREE companion course (visit to help anyone build their rock-solid Guerrilla Marketing foundation. This FREE companion course includes video tutorials, exercises, and the necessary tools for readers to build a crucial foundation from which their Guerrilla Marketing success will be born. Please know this: businesses with a poor foundation will fail. 

How will you use this All New series of Guerrilla Marketing books for your success?

Jason and Merrilee are thrilled for readers who have selected to add Guerrilla Marketing Volume Three to their collection of the All New series of Guerrilla Marketing books. 

Guerrilla Marketing is a 360-degree consistent methodology that weaves through every aspect of a business. With each marketing tactic woven together, each volume will refer readers to other related sections and tactics in the current book their reading or within volumes, so that business owners can develop a cohesive and consistent marketing approach that works for them. 

Guerrilla Marketing is intelligent marketing that utilizes knowledge, strategy, and a plan that is supported with a toolbox of tactics. With this All New series of Guerrilla Marketing books, readers can access a toolbox full of low-cost, unconventional, and creative tactics to choose from, in order to convey and promote their compelling product(s) or service(s) and to drive their competition mad.



Ideas, Tactics, Campaigns to Inspire, Guerrilla Marketing Advertising and Marketing Definitions, Example, Your Business Success