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Miracle Survivors

Beating the Odds of Incurable Cancer

Tami Boehmer

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If you have received an incurable cancer diagnosis, hearing about someone “who made it” is like spotting a rescue ship when you’re drowning in a stormy sea. Miracle Survivors provides that lifeline with a collection of stories of cancer survivors who were given a terminal diagnosis but shocked everyone by thriving years past their prognoses. These “miracle survivors” have different cancers and circumstances, but share a poor prognosis and incredible drive to overcome it.After being diagnosed with stage IV breast cancer, award-winning author and blogger Tami Boehmer decided she and others like her desperately needed hope to override the dismal statistics and death sentences provided by many doctors. So she began interviewing incredible men and women from around the country who defied the odds and lived to tell about it.Miracle Survivors will help answer the question: What sets people apart who beat the odds of a terminal or incurable prognosis? Overcoming the odds wasn’t something that just happened to those who share their stories. Each person took a very active role in overcoming their challenges, whether it was activating their faith or transforming their lifestyle. Rather than passively accepting their circumstances, they decided to transform them.The book is essential reading for anyone with cancer, their loved ones, and everyone else who wants inspiration to conquer their life challenges.

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