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Foam Rolling

50 Exercises for Massage, Injury Prevention, and Core Strength

Karina Inkster

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50 Exercises for Massage, Injury Prevention, and Core StrengthGet stronger and prevent injuries with an easy workout you can do at home!Foam Rolling is an exciting new book about the unique workout that conditions and strengthens muscles while stretching and restoring them. Foam rolling has been popular with physical therapists for years as a gentle yet effective way to heal overworked muscles and eliminate painful knots, and has recently become a fixture in yoga and Pilates studios. With this book as your guide, it’s easier than ever to reap the rewards of a foam rolling workout right at home! Written by a personal trainer with more than ten years of experience, Foam Rolling features easy-to-follow instructions for exercises that are backed up by scientific research about the many benefits of foam rolling, from improved posture to increased flexibility. Many even report feeling less stressed after working out with a foam roller! The book also features expert tips and advice from trainers, physical therapists, and sports medicine specialists. Foam Rolling is sure to have you rolling away muscle pain and dissolving stress all while getting a great workout!

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