The Know-Nonsense Guide to Space

An awesomely fun guide to the universe

Heidi Fiedler

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You'll learn something new about this huge universe of ours every time you turn the page in The Know-Nonsense Guide to Space
If outer space seems too far away to worry about, or you're looking for a funny guide to astronomy, you're in the right place. The Know-Nonsense Guide to Space tackles the key concepts you need to know about solar system, galaxy, and beyond. Whether you're curious about Neptune or want to know more about telescopes, this book helps you navigate the space between the stars. Learn about the planets, discover what's in a black hole, and find out where astronauts want to go next.
Sound like nonsense? Fear not! With language that's easy for kids to understand, you start close to home by learning about the different planets in our solar system, all the way from Mercury to Neptune (and even dwarf planet Pluto!). Then reach out further and discover about the Milky Way Galaxy and other neighboring galaxies (and what is in them). On the journey through space, learn terms such as asteroid belt, nebula, and supernova. By the end of this book, you have a clear understanding of the difference between a comet and an asteroid, understand why Pluto isn't a planet, and learn what makes the Milky Way so milky. Stargazing might feel a little different once you've read The Know-Nonsense Guide to Space.
The Know-Nonsense Guide to Space turns what can at times a dry topic into something approachable and fun, entertaining kids and adults alike. Full of quirky and hilarious illustrations, this book will have you laughing while learning and becoming a total know-it-all!

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