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101 Video Games to Play Before You Grow Up

The unofficial must-play video game list for kids

Ben Bertoli

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101 Video Games to Play Before You Grow Up is the unofficial guide for the best video games every gamer needs to try! How many have you played?

Each page in this interactive handbook offers behind-the-scenes tidbits and trivia about the games that belong on your bucket list, along with parental rating guidelines, series background information, and storyline previews. Gamers can record their personal ratings of each series as they play their way through the list, making notes and critiquing the best and worst parts of each game.
All different types of video games are featured, including adventure, puzzle, platform, racing, and role-playing games. Both gaming newbies and more experienced players will love learning about the best games out there, and checking games off the list as they play them. Plus  101 Video Games to Play Before You Grow Up is the perfect way to  discover new genres to explore next.
This guide book features games for just about every console from 1985 to today. No matter what system you have, this handy guide will help parents and kids alike choose the next best game to play.

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