Magickal Mermaids and Water Creatures

D. J. Conway

ca. 18,34
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Brings these fabled creatures out of the storybooks and into real life

Stories of the merfolk, especially mermaids, exist in nearly every culture that ever sailed the oceans or large rivers. Humanlike, except for their iridescent, scaly tails, mermaids and mermen have fascinated humans for thousands of years. Because the largest of these beings exist in the oceans, most people are not aware that smaller versions of the merfolk live in inland rivers, streams, marshes, and waterfalls. Like many other magical beings, the merfolk travel easily between this world and the astral planes, appearing only to those who truly seek to know them and learn their ancient powers.

Magickal Mermaids and Water Creatures bring these fabled creatures out of the storybooks and into real life through the studies of D. J. Conway. Within the pages you will learn:

  • The secret powers of mermaids and mermen
  • Different water creatures and where you can find them
  • How to entice water folk for friendship and health
  • How to avoid dangerous water folk
  • This book was originally published in 2008. It is republished here with a new cover and a new foreword by Skye Alexander.

    Replaces ISBN 978-1-56414-784-4

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