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Embracing the Awkward

A Guide for Teens to Succeed at School, Life and Relationships

Joshua Rodriguez

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Win Friends. Build Confidence. Gain Self-esteem.

Who are you? Young adults struggle with lots of issues—finishing school, finding a career, finding a partner, and most importantly figuring out who they are. That can often be an overwhelming question, especially when you feel like the people all around you have it figured out. In fact, you may even have questions that you would NEVER feel comfortable talking about for fear of being judged or even rejected. Don’t worry, you don’t have to navigate life alone. There’s much untapped potential in you that the world has yet to see.

Become your best self. Figuring out how to make friends, develop relationships and to be confident is a step-by-step process. Now help is available in Embracing the Awkward, written by the popular teen-advice-YouTuber, The Josh Speaks. This down-to-earth guide helps you take small steps towards being somebody great. This isn’t another dry instructional book written by a boring adult disconnected from the millennial reality, it’s a guide, a workbook, an empowering step towards trying things out, discovering who you are and becoming your best self.

Embracing the Awkward gives teens ideas for developing their own unique style of speaking and engaging with others. It contains infographics and workbook elements that offer a step-by-step checklist of activities, along with examples of things to say, topics to talk about and ways to lead into situations.

Learn how to:

  • Approach people
  • Lead into conversations with groups of people
  • Make strong friendships in school
  • Approach your crushes and ask them out
  • Deal with failure and rejection
  • Maintain family relationships

Young adult self-help books such as 7 Habits of Highly Effective TeensLiving With IntensityThe Science of Making Friends, and The Gifted Teen Survival Guide have helped people navigate the teen years and build self-esteem. Now Embracing the Awkward is here to take you to a new level of confidence, self-esteem and success.

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