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Day and Section Hikes: John Muir Trail

Kathleen Doherty, Jordan Summers

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Declared as one of the top five hiking trails on the planet by National Geographic’s Adventure magazine, the John Muir Trail (JMT) runs a spectacular 211 miles from fabled Yosemite Valley to the foot of Mount Whitney, the tallest peak in the lower 48. Along the way from Yosemite, the JMT takes in Kings Canyon and Sequoia national parks, the Inyo National Forest, and the Devils Postpile National Monument. The only way to experience this world-class trail is by foot, and this new edition of Day and Section Hikes: John Muir Trail, by Kathleen Dodge and Jordan Summers, is here to guide you the entire way, whether you're out for one of the day hikes, for a few days on a section hike, or tackling the entire trail.

The section hiking chapter includes user-friendly information on coordinating transit, detailed altitude profiles, where to stay, how to prepare, and more; therefore, it appeals to a wider variety of readers than the current thru-hiking guides on the market.

Each hike contains four key elements to help readers plan and enjoy the perfect trip:

• GPS-based trail maps
• GPS-based elevation profiles
• directions to the trailhead
• trail descriptions

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