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Hiking Kentucky's Red River Gorge

Sean Patrick Hill

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Hike and Backpack in Nature’s Stunning Beauty

The rugged wilderness of Kentucky’s Red River Gorge is like no other. Dense forests, wondrous rock formations, and awe-inspiring views make it a paradise that’s waiting to be explored. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced hiker, you’ll find carefully maintained trails that are perfect for your needs. Hiking Kentucky's Red River Gorge is the definitive guide to the Red River Gorge Geologic Area, Natural Bridge State Park, and Clifty Wilderness. This updated, full-color edition by Kentucky author Sean Patrick Hill showcases 25 of the best hikes in the Gorge, as well as a selection of recommended nearby trails.

The book’s easy-to-use layout treats each hike as its own adventure, presenting trail details, maps, full-color photographs, and tips for enjoying the flora, fauna, and history along the way. Ratings for key elements that make each trail appealing help you to quickly make an informed decision about which hike to choose for yourself or the whole family. Thrill-seekers will also discover how to combine routes into a longer adventure for a full day of hiking or even a backpacking trip. It’s everything you need to know to experience the famed Red River Gorge on foot.



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