Searching For Brian

Dr. William Shore

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Belletristik / Krimis, Thriller, Spionage


How far will a father go to find his missing son? Psychologist Dan Davis sets off on a journey that will take him through unfamiliar and dangerous territory. The people he encounters are caught up in their own cauldrons of violence, drug addiction and mental illness. The police are helpful until they make a wrong move, which leaves them unable to take an active role in the search. In a sea of criminals, only the most resourceful survive. Improvisation and his knowledge of human behavior are Dan s most valuable assets. Dan s trail leads him into frustrating blind alleys. His only chance to rescue Brian rests with two men who know about weapons and assault tactics. Along with Dan, they storm a gang s headquarters. Acting on information acquired under duress, Dan rushes to Brian in a mad race with the State Police. Is it too late? It doesn t matter. Dr. Davis has to find him- whether he is alive or dead.