A Warrior's Heart

Tim G Mehl

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Sachbuch / Biographien, Autobiographien


A Warrior's Heart is the "spiritual autobiography" of Tim G. Mehl. In it, he shares about his struggles with ADD/ADHD as a child, in a time when schools and parents did not know how to handle a child with these issues. This along with a difficult home life created feelings of self-worthlessness and a low self-esteem that led him toward the hippie movement of the '60s. His story takes you through those hippie years, along with the beginning of drug use and eventually dropping out of high school to enlist in the United States Navy. He goes into great detail of the verbal abuse he sustained by his father as well as the serious respiratory illness of his mother, who passed away just five days before his fifteen birthday. When suicide seemed to be the only answer for his pain and hurt, he found the love of God on the very day that he decided to kill himself. He shares the incredible things that the Lord did in him, for him and through him which eventually led him to become a peace officer with almost a thirty-year law enforcement career. He shares stories of God's protection, even when he wasn't walking his Christian witness. Near death experiences and how God protected him and kept him safe on the streets throughout his career as well as during his 10 year assignment working undercover. Tim also shares his healing from the wounds and scars left by his feelings of failure, rejection and worthlessness, that penetrated deep into his heart. By learning to forgive and receive forgiveness, Tim takes you through his discovery of understanding and knowing God as his heavenly Father, who has never rejected him or thought of him as a failure or worthless. Becoming an ordained minister in 2004, God is using Tim and his wife, Myrth, in various areas of ministry within their church. "I have no doubt whatsoever, that there are young people out there who are going through some of the exact things that I went through. If this book about my testimony can reach just one person for Jesus Christ, then everything that I ever went through was worth it. I'd do it all over again, if just one person comes to know Jesus as Lord and Savior."