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The Gospel of Jesus

John H Lindell

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Geisteswissenschaften, Kunst, Musik / Religion/Theologie


The Gospel of Jesus of Nazareth

Is not what you think it is!

The New Testament contains two different Gospels, describing two different ways to find the Kingdom of God.

Today, Christian churches are, to differing degrees, with differing methods, traditions and emphasis promoting a Gospel that is not the one that originally inspired the New Testament to be written.

This is the real story of the New Testament.

This amazing book is the result of a lifelong research effort on the part of one lone religious scholar to discover how and why the Gospel of Paul became today's dominant Christian creed while the message of Jesus of Nazareth was overshadowed, obfuscated and de-emphasized in Christian teaching. This is the true history of the Christian religion.

Former pastor and life long religious scholar, John Henry Lindell tells the history of Jesus and how his Gospel came to be. He then details how the Christian Church evolved away from Jesus' message to become what we have today. He recovers and identifies Jesus' original Gospel apart from Paul's. He shows you what Jesus was truly teaching and why it could be considered Deism today.

The Gospel preached by Jesus was profoundly radical for its day. It still is.

History has shown that Jesus' morality successfully addresses the fundamental issues of our human inability to live peacefully with each other and that it still works today. Said another way: Jesus' teachings are the foundation for living with your fellow humans in peace and harmony in a life as close to a 'heaven on earth' as humans can create.

Read this book and discover. . .

the true message Jesus brought to us, a message from God to bring us all closer to Heaven, here, on Earth.



History, Gospel, Deism, Christian, Jesus