Tyrant's Sweet New Wife

Liang Chen

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Because of someone elses framing, her peaceful life had plummeted. Her boyfriend betrayed her, her mother died, and she was given to a stranger by her uncle.That night, she thought that her life had collapsed from then on. However, she had coincidentally met the famous playboy Young Master Jing. She had married him.Even if her mother-in-law made things difficult for her, and her sister-in-law despised her, she would endure it for the sake of the children in her womb. However, she was framed once again, and was treated as an evil woman who swindled marriage for money!Jing Shaofan, please sign this. She handed over a divorce agreement. From then on, she had nothing to do with this man.Until that day, when she put on her wedding dress once again, when he suddenly broke into the scene of the wedding ... Only now did she understand that there were some people that she was destined to never be able to avoid.***

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