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The Lie Your Life Is Built On

Experience Unending Joy

Sandy Burkett PhD

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Pain is Inevitable, But Suffering is Optional

We were created to live in freedom. Yet many of us suffer from past hurts that block our joy, hope, and purpose. We believe the lies that hold us back and live far below God's ideal. Thankfully, there's a better way and a better world.

Dr. Sandy Burkett reveals that true healing is not cognitive work, but the work of the Holy Spirit. Cognitive change is temporary, requiring continual work. However, the Holy Spirit brings eternal change, transforming us from victims to overcomers.

In The Lie Your Life Is Built On, you will learn how:

  • Our past doesn't need to define our new future.
  • The Holy Spirit enables us to embrace our true purpose.
  • Joy is available and possible for every Child of God.

Start living your most abundant life today and enter a life of unending joy.



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