I Write Scripts For God

Si MaLanQiao

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After the accidental death of Gu Manqing, a third-rate online writer, she had transmigrated into the Department of Causality, a branch of the functional departments of God, which controlled the cycle of karma in the human world. Gu Manqing had been forced to become a temporary worker in this world.One day, her superior, Thirteen, suddenly said to her in all seriousness, Your script still lacks a supporting role. Why dont you go on stage and play a guest role for a bit?As a result, Gu Manqing fell from the clouds and took up the role of a lackey at the last minute.Damn it, if I knew that this person was custom-made for me, I would have shown mercy to him.From then on, Gu Manqing began to play the role of the best career advancement road.

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